‘De Tandentent’ treats children with (extreme) anxiety for the dentist as well as children with many cavities but too young of age to undergo extensive treatment, and children with behavioral problems. In addition to this, the dentist focuses on children with mental or physical complications, and children with medical problems.

Initially the dentist will enquire after experiences your child has had with (a) previous dentist(s) or (a) possible other medical environment(s). Also the dentist would like to hear about the general behaviour of your child. On the basis of the dental conditions and the general behaviour of your child, the dentist will make a treatment plan.

For children it is very important to gradually get acquainted with dental treatments by use of our “accustomizing sessions”. Gaining trust is the most important part. The dentist will have clear understandings with your child concerning the treatment. These will be respected by the dentist as well as by your child. This will increase the level of trust. The dentist will always aim for a state of mind in which the (anxious) child will voluntarily be treated.

If, only in few cases, a child remains untreatable, a referral will be made to a ‘Centrum voor Bijzondere Tandheelkunde’ (Centre for Special Dental Care). This centre offers the possibility to perform the treatment under general anesthesia or sedation.