Registration new patients
We welcome new patient in our practice in the age of 2 to 18. We also welcome new patients on referral basis sent to us by other healthcare providers. Reason for this could be anxiety for the dentist.
The Tandentent also registers non anxious and regular patients. We are here for all children.

First visit
During the First visist, the intake, the parents are able to tell us about their wishes concerning the teeth of their child(ren). We will conduct an extensive research to understand the state of the teeth of your child.
On the basis of these investigations, your personal wishes and the dental possibilities we will make a dental treatmentplan for your child in consultation with you.

Medical Health Questionnaire
General health research. We ask you to fill out a list with questions on the medical conditions and possible medication use of your child(ren). The completed questionnaire will be discussed with you by the dentist to make sure all medical details are clear to the dentist and will be taken into account. 

Dental records/history
We will ask you about the current state of your child(ren) teeth and possible special treatments in the past. We will also make note of your wishes and other details. 

Radiological studies
On indication we will make X-rays. These X-rays provide us with information on parts of the teeth that are not visible to the bare eye. We refer here to teeth and molars still remaining in the jaw, the roots of the teeth, jawbone, beginning cavities in between teeth and the structure and thickness of the enamel surface. 

Oral exam
The dentist will perform an oral exam on your child by using a small mirror. She will check on cavities, the condition of the gums, position, occlusion and articulation of the teeth.       (how do teeth grind and slide) When necessary the dentist will make dental models and dental X-Rays. 

Registration form

For registration of your child as a new patient we kindly ask you to fill out the online registration form. After we have received the completed form we will contact you and schedule an appointment .
All information provided to us will be handled strictly confidential.

Registration form