Coronavirus COVID-19 update

Dear parents and patients of the Tandentent,

Tuesday 28 april 2020, the Tandentent will open its doors again. However, we have made some changes for your and our safety in our policy and we need your help to make sure everyone stays safe.

Please keep these changes in mind, when visiting the Tandentent:

  • All our dental practices are of course fully compatible with the RIVM guidelines.
  • We may only admit 1 supervisor or parent per patient.
  • We cannot allow people with proven COVID-19 to enter the Tandentent. This applies to both patient and supervisor.
  • We cannot allow persons with symptoms that are appropriate for COVID-19, or family members with symptoms that are appropriate for COVID-19, or persons with an increased risk of infection, to enter the practice.
  • At the entrance, it is mandatory for the patient and the attendant to disinfect the hands with handgel provided by us.
  • It is currently not possible to brush the teeth at the Tandentent. We ask you to brush at home.
  • The toilets are also closed for hygenic reasons. We ask you to go to the bathroom at home.
  • Please arrive on time. This means, not too late, but certainly not too early. We want as few patients as possible with their supervisors in the waiting room because of the 1.5 meter rule.
  • Please take a seat at the places designated by us. Keep your son or daughter close to you, don't let the kids run around.

  • During the stay in the waiting room, please touch as little as possible and leave your seat at little as possible.
  • Leave the opening and closing of doors to the employees of the Tandentent.
  • During the treatment, we ask parents to stay in the waiting room, for the safety of the Tandentent staff.
  • Do not shake hands.
  • Coughing and sneezing in the elbow.
  • We do not currently making appointments at the counter. We will plan the appointment for you and send it digitally to you. We ask for your understanding for this somewhat less personal approach. If the appointment does not work out, you can always change it by telephone or mail.
  • De Tandentent always has the option to cancel an appointment if the RIVM regulations are at stake.

  • If we all follow these measures, we can resume dental care for your child in a safe environment.

    We are counting on your cooperation and looking forward to seeing you and your children in the Tandentent!

    Yours, sincerely, Team Tandentent